Abc’s of Staying Healthy

 Staying healthy requires a lot of focus and hard work. Persistency is an important factor in order to stay fit and healthy. You can’t follow a diet for a week and then simply leave it and thinking to stay healthy just because you followed the diet for a week.

Along with a healthy diet, workout is very important, because in today’s world we hardly do any physical activity.

We all are so much busy in our work that we don’t take care of our health. Its an old saying “ health is wealth”. It is true because these two things go parallel. You cannot create wealth without having a good health, hence you have to maintain healthy habits in order to live a good quality life.

Here is a simple ABC of staying healthy:

A is for Abstinence:

You must be now thinking that ABC is for good and responsible sex. But this is actually in a different context. This targets more of a person’s lifestyle in day to day living.

Abstinence is for practicing by the person in reducing the things that does not make him healthy in the process. Abstinence on a good level is important for the person who wish to start living a healthy life and maintain the same.

B is for Be Faithful:

Be Faithful to your goals and objectives. If you have decided to loose some weight, you have to be faithful to yourself, or the loss is yours. If you have set a goal to workout daily, and to follow a healthy diet, you should be faithful to your goals.

C is for Calisthenics:

It includes physical activities and exercise. It is always been a part in order to stay healthy. Calisthenics are simple activities which will allow a person to move his body parts  and do some physical activity, its not only going to the gym and lifting weights, that is for body builders. Calisthenics might include jogging, playing a sport etc. it should be done on a daily basis for minimum of thirty to forty minutes. It keeps your heart healthy and burn calories.

The ABC of staying healthy is very easy and everyone should follow it. Working hard for your goals and to earn good money is justified but it should not cost your health. Take some time daily for your body and after few days you will start seeing results in yourself.