Benefits of Natural Medicines

Whenever we get sick, we go to the doctor, tell him or her our problem, then the doctor prescribe some medicine and we simply go buy those medicines and start consuming it and hopefully we get well after completing the course. We never think about the side effects or what the medicines are made of. This is how we all do these days.


If lets say someone offers you herbs for the medicine, you might thing that person is mad. But these days many type of research and studies are conducted to check if there is really any benefit of these natural medicines.


Natural medicines are made using natural products without using any chemical or adding any other things, its totally herbal and pure. If you go to villages, many people still follow these type of treatments, and some people believe that these treatment is even better than hospitals. Village people inherit these medical knowledge from their forefathers and they still keep the practice alive. This is actually very beneficial for us that there are more natural ways to cure any sickness other than hositals. People in villages cure illness at home itself, no hospitals or any clinics. Natural medicines incluude herbal medicines or phototherapy which is also known as Ayurvedic medicines in India. Natural medicines is very popular in India.


After the development of modern day medicines, doctors stopped using herbs to promote man mad medicines. Many herbs like opium, aspirin, digitalis etc have their roots in traditional medicine.


Natural medicine is an art and not everyone can use it, we can also say its a lose art. This doesn’t mean this is less efficient as compared to modern medicine.  There are many illness which can be cured by Ayurveda and not by modern day medicines.


The best thing about natural medicine is, it is less likely for any side effects. Many studies are going all over the world about nature medicines and its benefits since they are inexpensive and risk free. Its a challenge for both user and the research people because many of the medicines are not useful and bogus since there is no professionalism in this field.


There are many types of medical alternative that comes under natural medicines, not all the medicines are proven effective. Homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture are other type of natural treatments.


Natural medicine is also beneficial because expert suggest that it is not necessarily given only when the person is sick. Natural medicine includes good diet, healthy living and regular natural treatment. It is more focused that the patient follows god healthy habits. This is the benchmark for natural medicine, it can be

massage, herbal medicines, aromatherapy or other similar natural treatments.


Our parents always suggest to eat more vegetables because they are aware the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and it does no harm to our well being.


Ayurveda was developed more that three thousand years ago in India. Its based on the belief that health and wellness depends on the balance between mind body and soul. The main goal of Ayurveda is to promote good health and not fight any disease.


Some people believe that natural medicine can be sometimes dangerous to health because not all plants are safe for consumption, use of ashes in the making and illegal addition of allopathic medicines with it. This is because natural medicines are not yet developed properly and professionally by huge companies. If we see modern day medicines, they are packed in a fancy packaging and we see advertisement of these on television, but natural medicines don’t have such fancy marketing yet, hence people are less confident in consuming those.

Other benefits of Natural Medicines:


1.) More affordable: Natural medicines are very less prices as compared to conventional medicine because they are made from natural products.


2.) Easier to obtain than prescription medicines: Natural medicines are easier to get because it does not require any type of prescription, since it does not have any side effects, it is safe to get it without any prescription.


3.) Stabilizes our metabolism: The main aim of Ayurveda is to promote healthy lifestyle and not fighting any disease, hence follwing it improves our digestion and internal organs.


4.) Natural healing: Medicines are made from natural products and not any synthetic or artificial materials.


5.) Strength in immune system: Natural treatments boost our stamina and immunity of the body and it keeps our body more healthier.


6.) Fewer side effects: This is the best part of natural medicines. Since it is made of natural products, there are almost no side effects for consuming it.


Natural medicine is a lost art and people have forgotten about it because we have modern day treatment for everything but it doesn’t mean we should forget natural treatments.